Why Concrete?

Concrete is not just for sidewalks anymore. In fact, we at SOLID716 see it as downright chic, modern and refined–and an ideal material for interior and exterior furnishings and accessories.

As a material, concrete is unparalleled in its properties; working with concrete allows SOLID716 to combine art with utility. It can be paired with a wide range of wood, metal, stone, glass–the possibilities are endless. Further, the malleability of the material provides SOLID716 with a lot of creative license, from furniture to countertops to sinks to wall tiles to vertical fireplace surrounds.

Concrete has a feel of cool warmness. Its gives you a great sense of strength and softness at the same time. Its both durable and sleek. Concrete can blend effortlessly into a wide array of settings–whether it be in a modern loft or an historic home.

Let us create a unique and beautiful functioning concrete piece of art just for you.

Design Elements
Below are listed some of the elements of design. When thinking about your project, please take into consideration the following options:

Edges – Smooth

The color possibilities are nearly endless. We can create almost any custom color based on sample or swatch that you provide. However, we have a standard color palette shown below.

Finish Texture
Concrete consists of cement, water, and sand. When cast, the wet cement coats the other materials. Different degrees of grinding and polishing will reveal different textures. There are basically two types–a cement finish without grinding (left) and a grinded sand finish (right).

The grinded sand finish is typically the most even and consistent look. The cement finish may patina more.

Sand selection can also yield wonderful results. It comes in a variety of colors and coarseness (a standard sand is shown on the left and a black sand with blue concrete on the right).

Granulate aditives can yield fantastic and beautiful results. They can range in size from very coarse to fine. The possibilities, again like colors, are almost limitless. Here are a few examples:

Acid Stains
This creates a unique look with a lot of variation in color. They can be subtle or very pronounced. Once the stain reacts, it becomes part of the concrete. Since the effects of stains can vary greatly, we will create a sample and require your approval prior to application.

Other materials such as metal, tile, shells, fossils, coins, etc. can be incorporated in your design. This allows you to be creative and truly personalize your concrete pieces. There are some items that will not work, but a lot that can. Let us know if you have something in mind that you would like to use.