CONNECTIVITY: Installation Spring 2019

CONNECTIVITY is designed to be fun and playful as well as symbolic of our combined efforts to serve and protect this wonderfully diverse community.
The eight-pointed star is found all throughout the details of the Art Moderne architecture building. The stars were chosen for this installation to represent each of the 32 neighborhoods in the City of Buffalo that are served by the police and fire departments. The corresponding stars represent both the 5 police districts with blue stars and fire departments with red stars. This installation seeks to demonstrate the interconnectedness of all the neighborhoods with the City’s Police and Fire Departments.


The design of the African American Veterans Monument is a matrix, serving as both a timeline and map of longitudinal coordinates. Each of the 12 black concrete pillars that will be 10 feet tall and will illuminate like candles that family would put in their windows as a beacon to guide a soldier home. They are placed in a chronological sequence; corresponding to the dates that each of the country’s 12 military conflicts took place. The pathway is made concrete pavers designed like dog tags with the names of African American Veterans inscribed.